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About Calah Delaney

About Calah


I believe we are all born with a song in our heart.  I know that’s the way it was for me.  I had an  innate love for music of all kinds and would sing whenever I could. I was first introduced to country music by my sister. Hearing it played day and night, it began to have its effect. I liked its honesty and the fact that it told straightforward stories about what we all experience.   

I recently turned 17 years old and I still have a song in my heart, in fact, many.  I am excited to share what I hope will be the first of many opportunities to tell stories that will make you smile, reflect, inspire or just sing along. I hope you enjoy the songs. Thank you to everyone that helped put this together.  It was a wonderful experience. I was fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented and supportive musicians and music professionals.  And I look forward to continue  "Learning As I Go."